How to Join


Membership in Rolling Thunder® is open to anyone with an interest in educating the public regarding the POW – MIA  (Prisoner of War-Missing In Action) issue regardless of race, color, creed or sex.  All persons must be 18 years of age or older.


Honorary Membership

Anyone who was a Prisoner of War, their wife or husband, Gold Star Mothers and Medal of Honor (CMH) Recipients will have a free membership in Rolling Thunder® provided they present legal documentation of their status.


Membership Dues

Dues will be set at $30 per year per member with $20 going to National. All membership patches will come from National.

Membership dues are due during the month of February. If a member’s dues are not collected within thirty (30) days from the February meeting, the Chapter may terminate that member. Chapters may have yearly membership cards printed for their members, if they desire.


New Membership Requirements

All members will receive a Rolling Thunder® Membership Boot Patch (from their Chapter) when they become a full member at the end of a 120-day trial period. If a member meets his/her obligations before the 120 days are up they are entitled to receive their Boot patch no earlier than 90 days, provided they meet all other (loyalty and conduct) requirements. A new member must make 3 meetings or events, or a combination thereof, during the 120-day trial period to become a full member. Anyone who joins and does not meet his/her obligation will be terminated from this organization. After a member completes his/her first year (from the day they receive their boot patch) as a member in good standing then they will be issued the Eagle & Rocker.

A. All members must also include their actual physical home address on their application, particularly if a P.O. Box is used for mail. This address must be updated whenever the member changes his/her residence (Approved 10/16/2011).


Membership Patches (shown above)

All new members will give Rolling Thunder® National their Social Security number as security for their organization (Eagle, Rocker & Boot) patch set.

A. As of November 1, 2010 all new members, of existing Rolling Thunder Chapters, are required to put up a $150 patch deposit. A $50 boot patch deposit is required before you receive the boot patch. Before any member receives their back patch they must pay the balance of $100 patch deposit totaling $150. National will hold all new members deposits on patches as of November 1, 2010. Any patch deposits that are collected by the chapters prior to the above date will remain with the chapter. No interest will be paid on deposit money. All deposits will be returned when a member’s patches are returned.

B. On all new forming Chapters, chartered after Octover 1, 2010, each member will be required to put up a $150 deposit. New Members-at-Large will supply Rolling Thunder® National with their Social Security number and pay a $150 security deposit for their organization (Eagle, Rocker & Boot) patch set. They will receive a Member-at-Large Boot Patch for the 1st year of membership. If they complete the Member-at-Large requirements after one (1) year, they will receive the remainder of the Organizations patch set (Rocker & Eagle). Existing Members-at-Large will be required to return their current Boot Batch to National for a new one on demand. Non-compliance will result in termination of their membership and retrieval of their complete patch set. Any Member-at-Large who does not want to provide the Organization with their Social Security number and pay the $150 security deposit can become a non-patch holder member.

Download our New Member Orientation Info